In light of the coronavirus effecting our community and our country, Skydive Saratoga will follow the CDC, Local and State health officials, FAA and the Skydiving Industries recommendations throughout the country for tandem skydiving operations. With that being said, we have set the following policy for our incoming clients and staff members in order to take proactive measures to make sure our clients and staff stay safe and healthy throughout this time.


Only scheduled jumpers will be allowed at our facility. You must be wearing your own face covering at all times. You will need to reschedule if we think the mask you’re wearing is not considered sufficient by the CDC or will not hold up in the freefall environment. Spectators (non-jumpers) will need to stay inside their vehicles in the parking lot or stand behind the
fence. There is a viewing area where spectators will be able to pull their vehicles forward to watch. There is no bathroom facility available so please make sure that you go to the bathroom BEFORE arriving for your schedule appointment.

We will not be offering jumpsuits. Grass stains on your clothing are a possibility so please wear the appropriate clothing.

Please maintain a minimal distance of six feet whenever possible and resist fist-bumping, high-fives,hugging or any other unnecessary touching.

Seating around the drop zone has been distanced to encourage social distancing and only staff will be allowed inside the hanger. An exception will apply when student training absolutely requires students to be inside the hanger.

Everyone will be asked to sign a Waiver and Release of Claims and Liability Related to Coronavirus,answer a questionnaire and receive a temperature check. Anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms or having an elevated temperature beyond 100.4° will be asked to reschedule.

If you have to cough or sneeze do so tightly into your arm. If you are frequently coughing or sneezing you will be asked to leave.

Hand sanitizing stations will be positioned throughout the facilities. Please use these stations frequently. We will be sanitizing throughout the day and a commercial cleaner will be used to disinfect all surfaces each evening.


Due to the risk of degradation of life saving equipment leading to catastrophic failure of such equipment, Skydive Saratoga will NOT be disinfecting or sanitizing any part of the parachute system, parachute harnesses or the aircraft. It is the responsibility of each individual to sanitize before and after contact with any of this equipment. Wearing a face covering is required in the plane at all times. Make sure your face covering is not at risk of migrating in freefall and obstructing your vision.

To encourage air circulation the aircraft window and door will be opened and left open when possible.


If you discover that you have contracted COVID-19 and have been to Skydive Saratoga in the prior 14 days please contact us immediately at or by calling (518) 895-8140. We will notify the state and local health departments as well as other individuals you were in close contact with that day. Your name will not be released by Skydive Saratoga.


With all the serious stuff out of the way, let’s fly and have the time of our lives! If you’re ready to venture out from quarantine and reawaken your senses and perspective of getting all we can out of this life, we invite you to join us!