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Imagine, you’re 2 miles above the earth – your heart is pounding with adrenaline.

The only sound you hear is the air whistling around you.
Whether you’re 18 or 101 years old, on your first skydive or your 100th, celebrating your birthday or just life; our team of licensed professionals will take you to new heights in a safe and fun skydiving experience you’ll never forget! Book your skydiving experience today.

One of the best days of my life!

“I'd highly recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for a place to go skydiving. One of the best days of my life!”

Joy Dent


“Awesome scenery, cool tandem masters, owners are the best!”

Kenneth Scavone

Beautiful Views

“Very professional, knowledgable, experienced and friendly. Beautiful views of the area and even the Adirondacks. We were allowed to hang out and enjoy our day there with the fun staff and customers.”


A great experience

“A great experience and would absolutely try again. 2 days after, waiting on the pictures and videos and I'm looking forward to them. The instructor and pilot are both experienced, friendly and patient. They tried their best to make our first time diving exciting and pleasant.”


I would totally go again!

“The instructor was great and the staff is very chill and dropping from 9,500 feet was a blast and would totally go again”

Matthew Braymer

Skydive Saratoga is amazing

“Went with my kids & Son in law 8/4 Mother Nature delayed us..but it was so worth the wait. Brock, our instructor & jump man was patient, funny, skilled... made us all feel at ease and safe. We all had an amazing jump. I highly recommend Skydive Saratoga if you're thinking of taking the leap. We are planning a return trip!”

Deb Reichel

Wonderful view and location

“The owner/manager has been in the business for a long time and knows his stuff. Never was I worried about safety. Beautiful day. Brock was the tandem guy on my back. He made it fun... took my mind off fear. Price comparable to other businesses. Location and view wonderful.”

Kristin Carlson

Your happiness & safety are our top priority

Skydiving is Not Just About the Jump and Landing

A good skydiving experience involves jumping out of an airplane, but a great skydiving experience involves a welcoming facility, well maintained aircraft and equipment, and people who pour love and passion into everything they do.

Our dropzone offers a welcoming environment with plush grass for landing, comfortable seating, and a spectator area where friends and family will be allowed to participate in the excitement and share the joy of the jump.

Each aircraft is meticulously maintained by the top-rated repair shop in the area who diligently inspects and attends to each aircraft to ensure it is ready for flight.

All of our skydiving gear is packed, inspected and maintained by our team of on-site FAA-certified parachute riggers to ensure each line and piece of fabric is in pristine condition after every jump for jumpers to rely on.

Every one of our USPA certified instructors go beyond just guiding our guests. They set the stage for a memorable and life-changing jump into the skies so you can fully embrace the thrill of skydiving with the peace of mind that you’re in great hands.

At Skydive Saratoga, we are a woman-owned and family-operated business; persistent in our commitments to professionalism, customer service, our culture of safety, and our pursuit of fun in order to provide a successful and enjoyable skydiving journey. We’re proud of what we’ve created, and we will continue to nurture our unique blend of excellence.

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