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Tandem Skydive

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Static Line Skydive

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Experienced Jumpers

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Rates & Rules

  Credit Card Cash Student/Military
Static / Tandem Jump (gear included) $260.00 $250.00 Additional $10 off*
Video & Still Photos Package Add-on $100.00 $100.00  
Experienced/Licensed - low jump   $20.00  
Experienced/Licensed - 9k feet   $25.00  
Gear Rental - per jump   $25.00  

Static/Tandem (gear included)
$275 credit card / $260 cash
Military/Student $10 discount

Video/Still Photo Package Add-on
$100.00 Cash or Credit

Experienced/Licensed - low jump
$20.00 Cash Only

Experienced/Licensed - 9k feet
$25.00 Cash Only

Gear Rental - per jump
$25.00 Cash Only


Please call to schedule your skydiving appointment. There is a $75 deposit required at reservation to secure your time slot. Payments are credit card or cash, sorry no checks.

Video/Stills Package

For an additional fee we will record the entire event in High Definition and edit it to music using our state of the art software. You will receive a video of your skydiving adventure along with over 100 high quality digital photographs for you to share with your friends and family. You will never do your first skydive again. Why not capture this momentous occasion to remember and share!


Group Discounts Available

Want to celebrate a milestone, anniversary or birthday? There is no better way to enjoy the company of your friends than jumping out of a plane together! Discounts are available to groups of 5 or more.


Info & Restrictions

You must bring a valid government ID (Drivers License, State ID, passport) You must be 18 years of age (Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS) You must weigh less than 220* pounds (Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS) The consumption of alcohol prior to skydiving is strictly prohibited You must wear gym shoes (absolutely no 'hook' style laces) You should wear comfortable attire suitable to the weather. Plan on spending the entire day with us due to uncontrollable delays (weather)


Age Requirements

Static line first jump course - You must be at least 18 years of age to make a static line skydive. Please bring a valid form of ID with you at the time of your appointment.

Tandem jump - You must be at least 18 years of age to make a tandem skydive. There is no maximum age. The oldest person to make a skydive with us was 95.

Things To Consider

We cannot control the weather, and there are many other factors which may delay your scheduled jump. Please plan on spending the entire day with us. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a sweatshirt (no hoods). No boots with lace hooks, and no sandals or flip flops. For footwear, sneakers are preferred.

The Jump

Skydiving is a high-speed sport for people who are in good physical condition, and are ready to have the time of their lives! The jump itself will be the best time you'll have with your clothes on and something you'll never forget. Please eat lightly and drink fluids on hot days. If you get air sick or car sick It may be a good idea to take some "Bonine" (our recommendation) first. Second choice is Dramamine. We currently offer Tandem and Static Line training programs.

Vector SE Student Gear

The Student Vector SE harness and container system is built to the same demanding specifications as all the United Parachute Technologies products incorporating the Vector 3 design and features - designed for jumpers by engineers, well tested by our professional test partners in the field, and built to the highest standard by craftsmen. The reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance made the "cost per student jump"-ratio extremely low. This is combination with the flexibility and easy handling had made the Student Vector SE the primary choice of student equipment by most major student operations around the world. View more information at the Vector website here.

*Valid Military or Student I.D. required for additional discount

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